Increase light transmission in existing glass greenhouses Increase light transmission in existing glass greenhouses Increase light transmission in existing glass greenhouses

See how it works

Increase light transmission in existing glass greenhouses

See how it works

AntiReflect is the first and only retro-fit anti-reflection solution for existing glass greenhouses to increase light transmission.

A large part of the year, light is the limiting factor for production under glass. More light is therefore very welcome. AntiReflect improves light transmission by reducing reflection, so more light is available for the crop. Applying AntiReflect will increase transmission with approximately 3% (measured hemispherical by Wageningen University (WUR)). AntiReflect is developed to be fully compatible with other ReduSystems coatings and ReduClean.

Graph showing transmission of glass with and without antireflect


  • Approximately 3% more light in the greenhouse.
  • Ready-to-use: no mixing needed.
  • Very wear resistant.
  • Developed to be compatible with other ReduSystems coatings and ReduClean.


AntiReflect should always be applied by a trained operator of a computer controlled spraying machine. Always consult Mardenkro for information before application. The solution is supplied as a ready-to-use product.

Side by side

This video shows the application of AntiReflect on a glass greenhouse, the benefits like the production increases for roses, gerbera, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper. A side by side comparison of untreated glass and glass treated with AntiReflect shows clearly how AntiReflect reduces the reflection of the glass.

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Tomato grower sees increase in production as a result of AntiReflect

Van Adrichem Kwekerijen in Steenbergen achieved a 5% increase in production last year using AntiReflect, compared to an untreated glasshouse section. “We were pleasantly surprised.”

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Grower in greenhouse optimised for light transmission with AntiReflect
Schematic representation of reduction of light reflection with AntiReflect

Investment in AntiReflect produces considerably greater yield

Durability tests carried out in actual practice show that AntiReflect lasts at least 2 years. Throughout that time, the extra light in the greenhouse results in considerably greater yields. This is the conclusion of the calculations made by Wageningen University & Research.

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The importance of reliable and independent measurements

Mardenkro is firmly committed to ensure that its products have a sound scientific basis and therefore maintains close contact with Wageningen University & Research, the perfect partner for conducting independent measurements and pursuing new avenues.

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Every percent more light in winter is pure profit

Light is the limiting factor in production in winter. Every step taken to improve light ingress is therefore welcome.

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Calculation model accurately predicts increased production with AntiReflect

In advance of practical trials, Wageningen UR has calculated the extent to which production increases under AntiReflect. The outcomes are very much in line with early practical results.

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Practical tests confirm higher production under AntiReflect

The first growers to use the new AntiReflect coating are seeing higher production as more light is entering their greenhouses. AntiReflect is being launched commercially this year.

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Solutions to increase light transmission

During autumn and winter, light is the limiting factor for plant growth. So every percentage of extra light entering the greenhouse during this period results in extra production. Mardenkro also offers solutions to help growers get the most out of the available light at these times of year. The three products that can help increase production are AntiReflect, AntiCondens and GS-4. AntiReflect reduces the reflection of light, allowing more light to reach the crop, while AntiCondens prevents lightblocking water droplets from forming on the inside of the greenhouse roof. Finally, GS-4 makes the glass sparkly clean without roughening the surface and contains no harmful fluoride gases.

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